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Effective August 1, 2018, the B Team will welcome Halla Tómasdóttir as CEO. Tómasdóttir is a successful entrepreneur who founded Auður Capital, an investment firm that focuses on incorporating feminine values into finance.


Tómasdóttir was a founding team member of Reykjacik University where she established the Executive Education Department and became an assistant professor at the business school. She was also a founding member of WE, a global dialog on closing the gender gap.


She is an advocate for principled leadership and gender balance, and has also served on for-profit and non-profit boards in education, healthcare, finance, and consumer products. In 2016, Tómasdóttir was a presidential candidate in Iceland where she finished with a third of the countries vote.


The B Team knows that Tómasdóttir and her unique experiences will help them drive future success. In particular, her past work makes her well-suited for promoting the organization’s transformative agenda. She spoke on the value of the work the organization provides.


“[T]he power of a purpose-driven and principled private sector is now undeniable,” Tómasdóttir said.


Recently the B Team created B Team Africa which is a platform to enable committed business and civil society leaders to collectively work together in driving progress and addressing issues across the African continent. The team hopes that their influence in the private and public sector will help to drive long-term, inclusive, sustainable economic growth and social development in Africa.


They have also recently started Getting Climate Smart: A primer for corporate directors in a changing environment. This primer is designed to help corporate directors understand climate change and why it should be on their agenda and how they can oversee related risks and opportunities that climate change presents. It also presents directors with tools and resources for boards to navigate the transition towards a net-zero future.


The B Team is a global nonprofit co-founded by Sir Richard Branson and Jochen Zeitz in 2013. The team is currently led by a team of global leaders from around the world working together to create a movement of business leaders who will create a better way of doing business for the wellbeing of people and the planet. For the B Team, business is nothing without principle. They believe that, in order to build a just future, issues such as civic rights, environmental sustainability, and gender-based violence must be addressed by business leaders worldwide. To that end, they have gathered a team of conscientious professionals to advocate for responsible business.


Information about additional leadership transitions can be found here. These new appointments coincide with the fifth anniversary of the B Team’s formation.